Protecting investments in Critical Global Infrastructure

The subsea telecommunications industry has developed radically in the last 10 years as customers demand ever more bandwidth for their smart devices and internet content providers have become the new cable owners. Global international traffic is now dominated by data with voice calls accounting for less than 1% of traffic.

Operators have exopanded their service portfolios to meet this demand to include cloud based data storage, VOIP, streaming of music and video and instant social media. This demand for bandwidth is critically reliant on subsea telecommunications cables to provide fast easy to access global coverage. These subsea cables are critical to the operations of the world's telecommunication networks with 98% of the traffice.

Balancing the scorecard

This is how we help engineer a connected world.

We think there is an obligation to protect the economic security of these critical global projects by giving them a balanced scorecard across market, financial, legal and regulatory, environmental and subsea engineering disciplines.

Pelagian Protect Advisory Service

Building on our strengths of engineering expertise, Global Critical Infrastructure and global permitting insight, Pelagian is developing regional hubs and capability to be at the forefront of this fast evolving and globally important market.

With a rollout of strategic hubs in key regional centres around the world, in tandem with the ongoing development of the Global Permitting Database, Pelagian's advisory services are contained within an approach called 'Pelagian Protect'.

We deliver advisory services at three levels:




Industry influencing regulatory assessment and research.

We work in collaboration with ICPC and ESCA.

An engineering strategic planning service working across marine, renewable energy, telco, and oil and gas sectors on issues such as route engineering with a focus on mitigating security, economic and ecological risk.

When projects are in build phase we provide advisory, engineering and personnel services on ship and on site, covering surveying, permitting and route engineering.

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By wise investment in subsea engineering at the outset, Pelagian believes that future projects can save on their administration, project management and construction costs and critically avoid installation delays so that the project is brought to market and profitability in the shortest possible timeframe.

Pelagian Protect Advisory Service 3 levels

We continue to liaise closely with industry bodies such as ICPC and ESCA from our Research and Regulatory division, whilst on a practical level Pelagian sees subsea cable engineering and environment based strategic decisions being fundamental to the success of global telecommunications and offshore industries. For this reason we recomment the integration of subsea cable engineering and environmental risk assessment at the very beginning of a project, to quantify the engineering risks.

Building on our strengths of engineering expertise, Global Critical Infrastructure and global permitting insight over the last 25 years, Pelagian is developing its regional hubs at strategic locations in Europe, the Middle East, North America and South-East Asia to be at the forefront of this fast evolving and globally important market.

The Service

Cable System Strategic Planning

We believe in the development of an advisory risk mitigation service, delivered at cable strategy planning stage and as part of that process, are putting a small virtual working party together who we think are interested in supporting/being part of an initiative.

Recognising the changing nature of the strategic planning process and what we see as a resultant increase in risk of cable implementation, we think this is a benefit for the industry.

On a practical level, we see a recognition for initial funding to move to engineering assessments and a smooth transition across to commissioning, with an improved risk profile to support business cases for investors.

The output of this service, will become a report with a number of sections; for example:

    1. Route assessment

    2. Logistics risk planning

    3. Marine environment overview

    4. Permitting assessment

    5. Geo-reporting

The report could have three categories in its recommendations:




This project is assessed as being consistent in its assumptions of economic and environmental risk, in line with current business case and should progress to next stage.

This project should be brought back to the Board for further assessment. There is an important risk to recognise but it may be that, with this awareness, the project can be progressed without delay or cost. Areas for reassessment could include:

  • Longer cable route

  • Deeper burial

  • Additional links

  • Adjusted landing point

  • Owned maintenance agreements

This project should be brought back to the Board for critical assessment. There is a significant risk to the environmental or economic case for the system which will need a specific review or further assessment before progressing.

There may be some advisory considerations.

There may be some additional advisory considerations.

There may be some additional advisory considerations.

We expect typical  savings to be accrued at installation phase of between 5% and 30% of total value of the installation of the project as a result of an effective IEP report. These cost savings come through instances including vessel standby time, permitting delays, inappropriate landing sites, burial issues and environmental management costs.

The cable lifetime operating costs and consequential loss reduction are likely to be of even more economic significance.

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