Pelagian’s technology solutions draw on decades of hands-on offshore experience. With a proven track record working with all the major submarine cable manufacturers and installers. Pelagian promotes the use of new technology to drive down costs, increase project efficiency, enhance safety and take care of the environment.

Cable Burial Technology

Pelagian has a long track record of operating and deploying seabed burial equipment. When Pelagian was founded, our first projects involved cable laying in rivers and harbors and trenching of array cables in difficult conditions.
The knowledge gained on these early projects enables us to provide expert advice on cable burial technology and when combined with our knowledge of marine surveying, sediments and cable engineering, gives the customer a complete risk mitigation package.

Our independent and practical consultancy services give our customers the confidence to make the right commercial and technical decisions on cable burial technology to achieve their aims for a safe and cost effect cable installation. Pelagian provides that enhanced security and risk management expertise for the life of the cable.

Route Clearance and Pre Lay Grapnel Runs (RC/PLGR)

Pelagian provides an industry standard Route Clearance and Pre Lay Grapnel Run (RC/PLGR) capability to subsea cable projects, using our dedicated equipment and experienced personnel; project managed by a dedicated and experienced office team.
Our PLGR Equipment is a fully modular spread, which includes a Saddleback and Running Line Monitors, a 2m De-trenching Grapnel and Rennie/Gifford grapnel anchor sets which can be deployed on a variety of PLGR operations in the most challenging conditions.

The equipment is robust and has been tried and tested, being used in recent renewable energy projects. The spread is containerised to allow it to be mobilised quickly from the UK to the customer’s vessel anywhere in the world.

Shore End Installation

Pelagian’s shore end personnel are highly experienced in the installation of cables in the coastal zone, having experience of installation in telecoms, oil and gas and offshore power.
Pelagian provides a dedicated shore end management approach to assess the landing point conditions and hazards to installation. The team organises the procurement of labour, equipment and materials to comply with local working practices, permits and building codes.
Our team manages the shore end work to mitigate risk and to meet the highest standards of safety, security and environmental awareness, ensuring that the new cable once installed, is adequately protected for its life time with minimal impact on the environment.


Case Study: Cable Burial Operations on Arklow Bank Offshore Wind Farm

In 2004 one of Pelagian’s first projects in offshore wind was the successful trenching of wind farm cables using a Gator trencher on Arklow Bank in the Irish Sea.
Arklow Bank wind farm is located on a shallow sandbank 14km off the East coast of Ireland and is the country’s first offshore wind farm consisting of 7 turbines and generating 25MW of power.
Pelagian provided the offshore expertise and project management to operate the Gator trencher. Gator is a tracked, self propelled shallow water cable trenching system, fitted with a chain cutter, enabling cable burial up to 2m in the shallow sand deposits and which provided a cost effective and comprehensive subsea cable trenching solution.

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