Subsea cable specialists

Pelagian is a UK based company with over 20-years’ experience providing reliable, proven and highly competent subsea specialists around the world.


The telecommunications, energy and renewables markets are a dynamic environment that requires the support of highly qualified, competent and experienced subsea professionals.

Pelagian has successfully supported major submarine cable installers, subsea engineering companies and system developers with contract staff since 2002 supporting small and major infrastructure projects worldwide for:

  • Cable installation and repairs 
  • Hydrography
  • UXO and geotechnical surveys
  • Subsea infrastructure construction
  • Fibre optic/power jointers and testers
  • Carousel operations
  • Desktop studies 
  • Project management

Customer satisfaction

Pelagian is an independent organisation that understands that transparency and confidentiality are paramount, and it is a testament to the quality of our personnel that we have repeat business with our clients both at home and overseas.

Experts in our field

Since inception our personnel have provided the specialist skills and in-depth knowledge to effectively manage and deliver projects globally.

Pelagian are time served industry professionals and understand all elements of the project lifecycle and will have an input in the selection process.

Our contractors and clients also have access to technical reach-back support using Pelagian’s in-house consultancy team for the provision of on-site advice.


If you have the experience and expertise to make a difference, come and join our subsea professionals. We would like to hear from candidates with solid credentials, relevant qualifications and a positive attitude.

We use the best

Our expectations are high but our client’s expectations are higher. That is why we only propose the candidates that fit not only the project requirements but also the culture of the client organisation.

Comprehensive selection process

We have developed a simple but effective system to ensure the right candidate is placed to deliver the services.



Client / Purchaser Representatives, across all disciplines:

  • Carousel / Cable Engine Operators
  • Jointers and Testers
  • ROV Pilots and Supervisors
  • Back Deck Crew
  • Fishery Liaison Officers / MMO

Offshore Oil and Gas

Client / Purchaser Representatives for the following:

  • Installation of Jackets, pipeline monitoring and laying, Touch Down Monitoring, Trenching, installation of PRM systems, Oil and Gas Surveys

Survey and Geophysics

Client / Purchaser Representatives for the following:

  • Geophysical and Geo Technical surveys, UXO surveys, shallow water / inshore surveys, deep water surveys, rig positioning, cable installation – for FO and Power cables and pipelines
  • Data processors
  • Survey Engineers
  • Party Chiefs


Client / Purchaser Representatives, across all disciplines:

  • Carousel / Cable Engine Operators
  • Jointers and Testers
  • ROV Pilots and Supervisors
  • Back Deck Crew
  • Fishery Liaison Officers / MMO


Client / Purchaser Representatives for the following:

  • Geophysical and Geotechnical Survey of existing and proposed subsea utility cables
  • Main lay / cable repairs for existing and proposed subsea utility cables
  • Review of data and data management
  • Comprehensive desk top studies of utility cable projects
  • Permitting for cables
  • Inspection and Verification surveys


Consultancy services for:

  • Strategic Cable Installation projects
  • Represent Government bodies on panels – ESCA / ICPC / Crown Estate
  • Review of Contracts
  • MOD / DOD contracts

How we work with our clients

On receipt of your requirements a member of our team will personally discuss your requirements with you and find the best fit for your needs. This will be determined by experience, skillset, location and availability, taking into consideration any logistical issues or local restrictions that you may encounter.  

A short list of candidates will be selected for you review and discuss.  

On agreement all travel plans and joining instructions will be facilitated in house. It’s a streamlined service which allows our clients to save time and money searching for the right candidate. 

Additionally our personnel will also be covered with the Provision of Comprehensive cover, Employers & Third Party Liability, Professional Indemnity and Travel Insurance is an integral part of our support package

We offer a 24 hour travel support service and we fully assist with all visa applications

We believe it’s a streamlined service which allows our clients to save time and money searching for the right candidate. There are no additional costs and fees; just an all-inclusive, simple day rate offering with agreed expenses.

We would also be happy to discuss working under a framework agreement

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About Our Professionals

Do you have Skills In the following ?

  • Subsea Cable Installation / Route Clearance / PLGR / Repairs
  • Shore End Operations – HDD
  • Fibre Optic and or Power Cable Jointing and Testing
  • Offshore  Hydrographic / Geophysical / UXO Survey
  • ROV / Trenching and Ploughing
  • Diving Operations
  • Environmental / MMO / FLO and other associated skills
  • Desk Top Studies / Cable Route Studies
  • Permitting for Cables / Pipelines
  • HSE / Marine Warranty 

Working for us

Benefits of working with Pelagian include :

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Business travel insurance
  • Comprehensive in house support from sector professionals

For the duration of any project you work on with us :

  • We will pay on a monthly basis
  • 24 Hrs office support with Personnel manager
  • A contract of services that sets out terms and conditions of working for Pelagian

Think you have the right skills to join the Pelagian team? 

About Pelagian

Our Story

Pelagian Limited was created in 2002

Our Mission

To be the preferred supplier of qualified and experienced Submarine cable professionals to 

Our Contractors

Since inception our personnel have provided the specialist skills and the in-depth knowledge required to manage your project. Ensuring that risk is minimised, budgets controlled and engineering integrity optimised in line with your investment plans. We have a database of over 4000 fully qualified and experienced contacts, covering every skillset and every location around the world, including the UK and Europe, North America, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australasia.

We specialise in helping you overcome problems such as unexpected peaks in workload, unforeseen skill requirements and illness or compassionate leave. Wherever you’re working, and whoever you need for your project, we can provide them – often in as little as 24 hours


Our specialists have worked in : Albania Algeria Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Australia Bahrain  Barbados Belize Benin Brazil Cameroon Canada China Hong Kong Colombia Democratic Republic of the Congo  Republic of the Congo  Cote d'Ivoire Cuba Cyprus Denmark Djibouti Dominican Republic Egypt Equatorial Guinea France  Saint Pierre et Miquelon (COM) Gabon Gambia Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Haiti Honduras Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kuwait Liberia Libya Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritania Mexico Monaco Morocco Myanmar Namibia Aruba  Bonaire Curacao New Zealand Nigeria Oman Pakistan Palau (ASU) Panama Philippines Portugal Qatar Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Sao Tome and Principe Saudi arabia Senegal Sierra Leone Singapore Somalia South Africa South Korea Spain Canary Island (Spain) Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Thailand Togo Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia  Turkey United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Kingdom (UK) Anguilla (BOT) British Virgin Islands (BOT) Cayman Islands (BOT) Gibraltar (BOT) Guernsey (CD) Montserrat (BOT) Turks and Caicos Islands (BOT) United States of America (USA) Puerto Rico (UUT) Venezuela Vietnam Western Sahara Yemen

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